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shine on + make waves
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    Clothing for women and girls who are light-givers, shakers & magic-makers. 

    Our goal is to offer clothes and accessories that are unique, affordable and most importantly, make you feel confident. We are more than just a clothing store. We are a community of women supporting and empowering one another.

    The moon is our symbol.

    Just like the moon goes through phases, so do we as women. Our bodies change and our clothes fit differently through each stage of life. We want Moonbeam to remind you that each phase your body goes through is beautiful. You don't look at the moon when it's full and think, "Why are you so big tonight?" You also don't look at it when it is a crescent moon and think, "You're just a pathetic little sliver." Each moon phase is miraculous and significant. We stare up at the sky in amazement each night. Our bodies and souls are no different. YOU deserve to look at yourself in amazement and love the person you are. 

    Also similar to the moon, we want you to join forces with us to SHINE ON + MAKE WAVES. Clothes aren't going to change the world, but the women who wear them will. Let's take on the world together one outfit change at a time. Express who you are through what you wear, fill your life with light, and go fearlessly after your dreams. And let us help however we can . . . even if that is just by giving you a rad wardrobe. 

    Our style is inspired by nature, travel, adventure, and good vibes. We are a company that will strive to promote kindness and care toward humans and the earth.

    Shine on + make waves. We LOVE our Moonbeam Babes! 

    Want to contact us? Send an email to and we will get in touch.